Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have had a few days off work and it was much needed rest. On a few of those days I happened to be home when Dr. Phil came on the ole TV.  I have never really thought much about Dr. Phil and his good ole boy approach to dealing with problems. On this day though my view point changed. Perhaps I am now in a different spiritual place than I have been before but on this occasion I found his ways to be demeaning and way to authoritative for me.

I have never noticed before how judgemental he is. It is either his way or the highway. News flash Dr. Phil..... even on a highway there are lots of entrance ramps and exit ramps and all sorta of different places to go and see that might not be the same as yours. Now I am not talking about the obvious here. The people who are doing crack and destroying their lives. But who is to say that a woman who had no relationships and no sex while she was raising her child cannot enjoy the company of younger men after her son is grown and out of the house. If she is into younger men so what. No one calls and old man out when he dates someone 30 years younger than him. Oh No..... the response they get is "way to go" and a slap on the back.

So for Dr. Phil to criticize and demean a woman who likes younger men, even if they are 25 years younger than her, that is her choice and as long as they are legal then I don't see what is wrong with it. What IS wrong with it is using the woman as a subject to belittle and demean for an hour for the sake of his TV show. Like I said before I have never really found fault with Dr. Phil until now but Good Lord I found myself shaking my head and thinking what piece of work he is....... while changing channels. I know I have changed and I think the world has changed too. I think Dr. Phil is a pill that no one needs to take. But as always I must ask the Magic 8 ball . Magic 8 Ball has Dr. Phil's tactics of criticising and demeaning guests gone out of favor with the educated American public? Shakey........... Shakey.......... Shakey............  And the answer is : As I See It Yes.

Well there you have it.