Friday, August 31, 2012

Just A Little Pissed.......

I have not written on this blog in a very long time.  A couple of friends recently commented that they missed it and found it to be quite humorous. In reading through the blog posts last March my own take  was that yes, sometimes it was in fact funny but the glaring hard core fact that I could not run away from was how ANGRY all the posts really were.

The thing is I have never considered myself an angry person but there I was…. staring at my own angry words. I was mortified…..So I stopped blogging. I gave myself some time to sit with the fact that I was an angry person. This was rather devastating to me because most people that know me would not use the word angry in relation to me. Nor would I. But there I was……in my own words. Me…the woman, who for the last 26 years, has had spirituality as her obsessive past time. Me…Miss Namaste…the yoga instructor…..who deep down is just full on pissed off. Mortified I tell ya, completely mortified.

Because I was having such a hard time struggling with the fact that I was pissed off deep down inside, my friend Wendy turned me on to this Buddhist Monk that was totally pissed off too. He helped me understand that anger too is part of spiritual awakening. Well thank GOD. Here is a link to the article about The Angry Monk.

 So I decided it would be okay to embrace my anger as it may be teaching me something and working with it may help to diminish it. So I am back and hopefully I can learn something from it and maybe you can too. What do they say…awareness is the first step? So hopefully I can learn to be less angry but still funny and heal whatever is inside me that I am so pissed about. But the blog is about living my life based on answers from a Magic 8 Ball. I will still utilize the Magic 8 Ball only I think it might make a good gauge as to my anger levels. So for now that is how I will access my anger levels. So glad you are along for the ride. Namaste Bitches!!! Just kidding…well….Sorta.