Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Mustard Incident.........

You have to love it. You just have to love it. Today is a day full of meetings at work. Usually during the summer I let my hair go au naturelle. I just get out of the shower scrunch it a bit and let the wavy curls take over. In fact I go to work with a wet head and let it dry over the first 20 minutes. But today was the exception. I am not sure why. I actually took the time to blow dry my hair straight. And normally its jeans and a t-shirt but today I decided to dress up a bit. I grabbed a hoodie just in case it got a bit to cold at my desk and I needed something to stay warm.

So I get to work get checked in and head off to the cafeteria for my morning Starbucks doubleshot and my smoked sausage link with mustard. While dispensing the mustard from the container it ends up everywhere except on my sausage. In other words all down the front of me. Are you kidding me???? I am now covered in mustard and look like a human hot dog bun!!! And I have meetings today!!!!!! Uck a doodle doo!!!!

Options. I need options. And Thank God for grabbing the hoodie when I left the apartment so I can throw that on and cover up the huge mustard stain that spans my entire stomach and chest area. But I smell like mustard! Hmmmmm..... I could run home for an early lunch and change clothes and I could see if the boyfriend would meet me and then and we could grab some afternoon delight! Sounds like a plan....... If the Magic 8 Ball approves of it.

Magic 8 Ball should I go home and change clothes and grab some afternoon delight? Magic 8 Ball says: YES
Now that's the kinda answer I likey!