Friday, July 1, 2011

Not Full Of Sh&#

Like I said in my first post I don't live in a house I live in an apartment. There are some pluses to apartment life like when something breaks you call someone and they fix it (maybe not in your time frame) and you don't have to pay for it. The bad things......noise and neighbors that do not take responsibility for their pets.

One of my neighbors has a large dog and they never pick up her poop. I have a large dog too but I am hyper vigilant about cleaning up after him. So after my neighbors leaving numerous poop piles for all of us to dodge I feel it is time to put the Magic 8 Ball on it.

Magic 8 Ball should I collect all the poop and leave it on my neighbors door step as a welcome home present? Magic 8 Ball Says: Cannot Predict Now. Okay so I guess I will revisit this issue at another time. Thanks Magic 8 Ball.

So perhaps the Magic 8 Ball is keeping me from getting into a big ole crap fest with my neighbor which at this point I wouldn't really mind. I mean how can you live in an apartment complex and be so self centered. People never cease to amaze me.........