Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Magic 8 Ball Experiment

You know it’s not like my life is truly screwed up. But it’s not like it isn’t either. I find myself here in this place. It’s not a bad place but it most certainly is not the place I imagined myself to be say 20 years ago. 20 years ago I imagined myself married to a great guy, I had a great job, lived in a great house and everything was GREAT! Reality in 2011 is I am not married but I am dating a GREAT guy. I have an ok job but it isn't my dream job and I don’t live in a great house. This of course makes me question my decisions along the way. What were my motivations and how did I make these decisions? Is there a better way to make decisions and since some of the decisions I made have turned out horrible perhaps I should experiment with a better way of making decisions.

How do people make decisions? Careful contemplation? Knee jerk reactions? Gut Feel? Pro-Con list? Trip to a therapist? Darts on a dart board.......... or asking the MAGIC 8 BALL?
Which leads me to this life experiment. For the next year I will base my decisions on answers from a MAGIC 8 BALL. It could be the stupidest thing I have ever done or it could turn out to be the smartest and I will certainly learn some lessons along the way. I am sure it will be humorous and I invite you along on my journey.